Elite @ Gamescom Day Three – Time savers!

Another round of videos were released today at Gamescom covering further enhancements to Elite Dangerous that will be coming in the 2.2 Guardians update. In addition to showing off a few new paint jobs for ships (including some for your SRV) and a new capital ship dock, the things I was most impressed with were the tweaks being made to the interface.

The wireframe planet maps viewed from the system map are now gone, replaced with rendered versions of the planets themselves. This might seem like a token addition but it helps to show off the variety of worlds out there and I think there’s also a lot of value in it for players in that it might help encourage further exploration. If you find a good looking planet, you might just want to fly on by and see what else is there.

Starport Services has been rejigged again with content related to commerce, news and your ship now broken up into their own sections on the screen. What will appeal to players keen to maintain a fleet of ships is the new ship transfer screen that not only allows you to retrieve one of your ship docked from around the galaxy but to also sell them as well. Previously players had to travel to where the ships were stationed to swap or sell so this is a massive time saver that might help encourage people to keep specialized craft for missions. I might get back to working towards that ten ship achievement on Xbox One now…

Last up, the hyperspace sequence has been tweaked to create a more tunnel like effect during the jump. Once again it might seem like a small change but if you’ve been playing the game for a while, you see the hyperspace sequence A LOT so anything done to make it a little prettier is going to be noticed and possibly appreciated too.

Videos of the paint jobs and new dock (as well as past videos) can be found again via Frontier’s YouTube channel playlist.

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  1. All really great additions. I might have to start collecting ships again as well 🙂 There is a 20 ship achievement on the Xbox version too.


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