Elite @ Gamescom Day Two – Fighters!

One of the most anticipated additions to Elite Dangerous was revealed today in the form of ship launched fighters. If you’re successful enough to be able to own a ship capable of carrying fighters, such as an Anaconda, I’m guessing you’ll soon have the option to install a docking bay much like you do now with SRVs.

Judging from the video, the process of launching the ships works exactly like your ground vehicles too which is a nice bit of planning there as it is already familiar to players and pretty straightforward. Launching and docking follow a similar process too – in fact docking is almost like a simpler version of docking your main vessel at a port. A couple of new fighter class vessels will be included too that will fit nice and snugly within your ship.

If switching between your fighter and main ship doesn’t float your (space) boat, you’ll also be able to hire NPC crew members who will be able to fill those spaces and give you instant support in a fight. I don’t know if there are any limits on the number of ships you could have stashed away in a big ship but the thought of arriving in a combat zone and dumping out a handful of fighters sounds pretty cool. Fingers crossed this can also be applied to players that are part of your wing so they can hitch a ride with you and only jump out to fight if things turn nasty.

Anyway, these are only a couple of the videos Frontier released today – everything from Gamescom so far can be found right here. Additional details can be found here via the Elite community pages.

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