Project Scorpio specifications released and they are VERY impressive

So it seems all the hype is actually pretty accurate. Project Scorpio (or Xbox Scorpio depending on what website you visit) does have some very impressive technical specifications.

What’s more all Xbox One games will be improved out of the box. No screen tearing, more stable frame rates, better filtering, faster load times and for games that have dynamic scaling, scaling up to whatever the full scale resolution is (most likely 1080p). Obviously Microsoft first party titles like Forza 6 etc will get patched to provide full 4K support (as seen in a Forza 6 tech demo) and hopefully other 3rd party publishers will follow suit.

Other massive improvements include 4K and 60FPS encoding support for Game DVR. There is 12Gb of DDR5 RAM in the Scorpio – of which 8GB will be available to developers and that leaves Microsoft with a massive 4GB for page file swapping and the OS. This is a huge improvement of the 8GB DDR3 RAM the Xbox One has (5GB for games, 3GB for OS).

[EDIT – Night Owl] A recent tweet by Xbox’s Mike Ybarra has confirmed that optimisations to the console’s OS has now increased available memory to developers to 9GB (now only 3GB for the OS).

Digital Foundry has done some good videos on this so feel free to watch below. For those of you in a hurry here is a quick tech comparison between some of the current consoles:


Here is a picture of Forza 6 running at 60FPS in 4K on the Scorpio (scaled down but you can see how good it looks):

forza 6

Here are the Digital Foundry videos:

I have to say I am really excited for this new console. Let’s hope the E3 press conference knocks it out of the park.

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  1. I wrote about this earlier today and I’m the complete opposite of you :). The specs are impressive, but I don’t need a beefy console because I have a great PC. I need some games and right now the Scorpio is dead last on my list of consoles to buy.

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  2. Everyone will have different opinions on this Drakulus and it seems to me you prefer Sony consoles over Microsoft ones, which is fine. Just as a matter of interest (in friendly terms too) if Sony had released a PS4 Pro that had similar specs to Scorpio are you saying you wouldn’t have bought one because you already have a PC?

    I’ll be the first to admit I like the Xbox platform better than Sony’s offerings (since the PS2 really) so I’m definitely biased towards Microsoft. I do differ a bit in your case too because I haven’t upgraded my PC in at least two or three years. I just find console gaming easier in general, even after trying various ways to make Windows 10 a bit more console like (Steam Big Picture mode etc).

    I think because you already have a PS4 Pro that is fair enough that you may not want a Scorpio, but I’ve held off on getting a PS4 Pro because I am looking forward to getting a Scorpio at launch 🙂

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    • I don’t own a PS4 Pro yet. All I have is a 3DS and PC. And you’re wrong about me preferring Sony consoles too. I was a huge Xbox Fanboy when the first Xbox released. I’ve owned every Xbox console (including the Xbox One) and the Xbox One did nothing for me. I’m mainly a PC gamer now and I’m very interested in the PS4 because of it’s library.

      I went almost a full year without touching my Xbox One and that’s when I realized that I had to get rid of it. My PC is my gaming machine and the only reason to buy a console is for it’s exclusives… which the Xbox doesn’t have anymore. Specs don’t matter to me on a console because 90% of my games are on PC. Games are what brings me to a console.

      I used to have just as many complaints for the PS4 as I do the Xbox One. I’m looking forward to my future PS4 because I want to get into the Persona series, Nioh, Bloodborne, and Dragon Quest. I’m also considering Horizon (needs to be cheaper), and a bunch of Indies that I like. The Xbox has nothing that interest me right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually have games. I’m looking forward to E3 to see what Microsoft has to offer us. Some of my best gaming moments in my life have come from the original Xbox, and the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is in my top 10 consoles of all time btw.

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      • Fair enough Drakulus. If you have a powerful PC I can see why you do most of your gaming on that. As a matter of interest do you PC on the couch or a desk? If you PC on a couch do you use any apps etc to try and make the PC more console like? Just interested.

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        • 95% of the time I’m at a desk and use my mouse and keyboard. Whenever I feel like using my TV I simply hook a hdmi into my PC and use my Steam Controller to navigate my desktop and play games. Using a controller kind of feels weird to me now since I rarely use them, but I still think the best controller I’ve ever used is the Xbox One controller followed closely by the Steam controller. I tend to play platformers, Metroidvania, hack and slash, and Indies (depends on the game) on my TV with a controller, but the majority of the time I’m playing strategy games and they can’t be played comfortably with a controller. Total War, and Civilization are two of my all time favorite game series. And any shooting game will always get the mouse and keyboard treatment from me :).

          I didn’t always have a powerful PC. That was one reason why I brought a X1, but even then I did most of my gaming on PC because I got into strategy games on them and the best strategy games are on PC. aRPGs is another genre that thrives on PC.

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    • I don’t think that will be an issue. It just means devs can work with HDR and 4K. Everything else is already present to a lesser degree in the current generation of consoles.

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