Join our Golf Club @ The Golf Club 2

[UPDATE] – The Xbox Club has also been created The Late Night Golf Club

I’ve been playing around with the Society feature in The Golf Club 2. In case you missed it I was very impressed about this game and wrote about it here.

Season 1 has just completed on the club I had created and it has been updated and renamed to The Late Night Golf Club. Season 1’s winner, Riftwar, played well and won by 140 points over second place (yours truly).

I’ve just finished setting up Season 2.  Season 2 will be 15 tournaments long, ending in a Major.  The first 14 tournaments will be Regular events and will allow for handicaps to make it fair.  This means if you have a handicap of 9 for example and you are playing with another member who has a handicap of 0, you’ll receive 9 additional strokes. The final tournament, the Major will not be handicapped and everyone will play off scratch (0) handicap.

The first tournament has just started and is 4 rounds long.  It will run for the next 7 days. If other members of the golf club have played the round you are about to play you can add their ghost to keep things interesting before or during your round.

I’ll be setting up an Xbox Club as well with the same name so we can chat and leave messages as The Golf Club 2 doesn’t have much in the way of that functionality yet.

Anyway we’d love to see you come and join, particularly if you want to participate to win in-game money and just have the chance to play with other blog readers. It is a public club so it is open to your friends as well.


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