E3 2018 Round Up – PC Gaming

I’ll be honest, I normally wouldn’t watch the PC Gaming Show. Since the PS2 / original Xbox days, I have migrated across from PC to console for gaming. I do still play the odd RTS, or strategy game on PC, but these days I mostly game on the couch via console.

But being that great time of year that is E3, I am pleased to run through all the gaming goodness for PCs. Forgive me if I don’t talk about absolutely every game that is highlighted in the PC show. I certainly cover most of them, but not a detailed blow-by-blow for every game. The introduction to the PC Gaming Show was actually pretty cool, and takes a slight stab at the Battle Royale mode that seems to be the latest game mechanic fad. There were two hosts this year, and despite the odd cringe worthy moment, they did a good job.

Open with an interesting look at a base building type game, called Satisfactory. Here you play an engineer who has landed on an alien planet and you have to build a huge automation type machine (looks like a terraforming machine). It supports multiple players jumping in to help and actually does look like a good resource collection, building type game with vehicles and in the first person.

Then Neo Cabs was shown, which had an anime type art style but didn’t really excite me too much. The speech in the gameplay preview all seemed to be bubbles, so possibly there is no narration. To be fair it is an indie type game so it will be interesting to see how Change Agency develops this.

The first of the new Battle Royale games was then introduced. The gameplay trailer did show a very PUBG type realism involved, but you have a social hub you could possibly interact with before jumping and landing by parachute in the BR world. The huge difference here is that Automaton Games claims their game, Mavericks – Proving Ground will support 1000 concurrent players. That sounds pretty insane, but certainly I’d be interested to see how something like that plays.

Not a lot was said about the next game, but apparently it was a mod originally. The Forgotten City by Modern Story does look like an intriguing premise, but not one I’ll probably get around to playing.

It is good to see a new game in the Star Control universe. Stardock is releasing Star Control Origins, which does look pretty good actually. Then Archangel: Hellfire was introduced, and it does look like a decent Mech type game (PvP) but I couldn’t help feeling Titanfall 1 and 2 had already done this better.

Then there was a bunch of announcements including The Sinking City, new content for Warframe, plus a SEGA montage of various games coming out on PC. Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire also has some new DLC that looks pretty cool (floating airship).

Then one of the game highlights for me on the PC Gaming Show was introduced. A new game by Tripwire called Maneater. This game is an action RPG (with full skill trees) where you actually play a shark, and your goal is to eat as many people as you can. It looked quite fresh, and I’m actually very curious to see how this game pans out.

Then an indie game montage played, and I switched off for a while (sorry). After that though we got to see a game that has already released – Jurassic World Evolution. The game does actually look pretty good and is available on consoles as well.

Oculus Studios and Insomniac Games showed a pretty cool trailer of a new game coming called Stormland. In this game you play a robot that gets all but destroyed by an enemy on the planet you inhabit. Your robot character is actually a gardener tending to the flora and fauna originally, but you must rise up against the enemies that have invaded the planet. It looks like it makes great use of the Oculus Rift and I have a feeling this one may be a hit.

Then Night Call and Saber were introduced, by developers Raw Fury. I have to admit both games didn’t really grab me but they both have very distinct art styles. We got to see more of Star Citizen, and this game is really shaping up to be great, assuming you have an absolute beast of a PC to run it (I haven’t).

Then we had a hardware plug-in the form of a new 4K / HDR monitor from Acer, which I’m sure some PC gamers are going crazy for. Then some trailers were shown for Genesis Alpha One, Just Cause 4, Telltales The Walking Dead Final Season and a Left 4 Dead inspired – Overkill’s The Walking Dead. The latest mentioned game actually looks pretty damn good, and I hope it is coming to console too.

We then had some trailers for Noita and Two Point Hospital, the latter being the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. Once again a Battle Royale game (2nd for the show), one called Realm Royale, made an entrance. Despite not having played it, the gameplay video made appear so close to Fortnite that I couldn’t believe the developers were trying to say it is a different game. The only thing really different was that it used a class based system.

A new Anno game was announced, called Anno 1800, and this looked like a pretty decent looking strategy game.

The second big highlight for me during this presentation was the intro trailer to the 3rd Battle Royale game, Rapture Rejects. The trailer is actually hilarious, and a great start to what appears to be a slight different take on the BR mode. This game does have a cartoon art style, but is done in a third person isometric perspective. I’m glad the developers are trying to do something different than what PUBG and Fortnite are already doing.

The PC Gaming Show finished on a pretty strong note, showing gameplay from Hitman 2. The game is out later this year and the trailer certainly meant you can still assassinate your targets in a huge variety of ways.

Overall – a pretty decent effort at E3, as far as shows go. I’m sure PC gamers will be incredibly pleased with all the great games coming specifically to their platform.

Start viewing the full show from the 21 minute mark:

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