E3 2018 Round Up – Ubisoft

For the first few minutes I thought I was watching the wrong show. Ubisoft started with a large musical number outside, with choreographed dancers and a large circus like band. They played and danced their way through the streets, until arriving at the venue, and made their way through the isles before eventually getting up on stage. That’s when I realised that Ubisoft were just introducing Just Dance 2019.

If you love musicals (not a huge fan myself) you might have liked the opening, but Ubisoft then continued with a really good cinematic trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2, followed by a short gameplay sequence. It still looks like the game might be a little while off but they did announce that you would be able to play the game with friends in co-op.

Then the presentation moved onto Rainbow 6, and that game has become a huge hit with the multiple season releases. During this presentation they mentioned that there is a 35 million active player base. That is pretty impressive.

Then throwing OH&S out the window, they had an Evil Kenevil inpsired character ride his trail bike down the isle and promptly smash an established prop on stage. Trials Rising was then shown, and it looks like more of the same, with co-op. Prepare to throw the controller again, but with friends.

I enjoyed The Division and gladly saw more of The Division 2, shown originally at the Microsoft show. The game is set seven months later and in Washington DC. The game also touted having 3 new DLC episodes within the first year of release (release date 25th March, 2019). These episodes will be free for anyone who has the base game. The Division 2 will also have 8 player raids as well.

Ubisoft then re-introduced a classic character, Donkey Kong, who is being added via DLC to Mario + Rabbids. 

Then we got a really good look at how the gameplay is coming along for Skull & Bones. I’m looking forward to this as this seems to be more what I am after in terms of a pirate game. I still haven’t been able to really get into Sea of Thieves, so I’ll take Ubisoft’s approach when it releases 2019.

Next, Elijah Wood (from Lord of the Rings and Dirk Gently fame) introduced Transference VR. It looks like it could be an interesting experience. We then moved onto additional information for StarLink that had already been released.

For Honor got a good pitch and on UPlay, the starter edition is available free between the 11th-18th June. Following the good news about a freebie was one the games I’m looking forward to later this month: The Crew 2. The Open Beta was announced for the 21st June and you can pre-download it now.

Finally the show finished strong with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The next AC game is set in Ancient Greece and looks to be a decently tweaked version of AC Origins. You can choose between a male or a female character and it is out in 2018 on October the 5th.

Overall, after a shaky start, Ubisoft had a pretty solid show. I’m looking forward to a few of their games and it was good to see improved progress on others.

The full event can be watched below, via Gamespot’s YouTube channel:

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