Gran Turismo Sport continues to deliver. New free update out July 30.

Sony can sometimes be a bit contentious with some of the decisions made (cross-play, or lack of). One thing they definitely have right; the continual support they are providing Gran Turismo Sport.

You could argue Sony is making up for the fact that the game was missing a few features at launch, but the fact remains Gran Turismo Sport has had decent updates, including more cars and additional tracks, almost every month.

Kudos to Sony for this kind of ongoing support for a game. The free update model is simply how it should be too. I think Turn 10 could take some queues here in terms of ongoing support for their Forza franchise. Sure, you got a lot more cars and tracks at launch with Forza Motorsport 7, but paying $60 AUD for a car pass (only 6 months worth too) is just a bit ridiculous (yes, I did buy it). To be fair on Turn 10, the latest pre-order for Forza Horizon 4 does have a better price point for the Ultimate Edition, in terms of what it includes.

But back to Gran Turismo Sport. Out July 30th, the next free update will include 7 new cars, a new track and a number of bug fixes. You’ll also be able to create more customised liveries on your racing suit and helmets using decals. This last part is not really officially confirmed but some teaser videos definitely look promising.

I will admit, I didn’t expect to be dragged into Gran Turismo Sport again. PSVR certainly helped with that, and despite the limited options in VR (1 on 1 racing, time trial), it is still incredibly well done. I hope we continue to see further options available in PSVR. It has given me motivation to finish more of the standard campaign, just so I can unlock more cars to try out in VR.

So this little blog post is my way of saying “thank you” Sony for continuing to support your flagship racing game with these free updates. If I may have one further request, please continue to update the PSVR component of the game as well.

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