Join the Halo Insider Program – maybe get a sneak peek at MCC for PC

With the recent announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to PC it looks like the team at 343 Industries are quickly ramping up for possible testing with the Halo Insider Program now being available for PC. Details for joining can be found here. You’ll need to have an account on Halo Waypoint but if you’ve had an Xbox or played Halo during the last few years you might have already signed up and can skip that step and go straight to the Insider page from your account menu.

In the case of Xbox One the Insider version of MCC was later rolled into the public version of the game however here it may not be immediately necessary as they aren’t patching an existing game. What’s interesting is that for the PC version it’s being done in conjunction with Steam – the game was going to be coming to that platform regardless but at first I though that 343 might try to use the Windows Store to serve that purpose. However reality set in with those thoughts… Steam covers such a large space in PC gaming it makes a lot of sense to test against that audience and the multitude of computers tied to it.

No indications yet of when players will be selected and be a part of the tests but hopefully it’s not too far away and you might get a chance to see the enhanced Halo: Reach before everyone else does. 🙂

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