E3 2019 Round Up – Bethesda

Where would E3 be without Bethesda apologising for something? All jokes aside they’re back again with a raft of new titles to show. I’m keeping this one short and sweet but jotted down a few points:

  • Fallout 76 is getting a Battle Royale mode! If you’re throwing 50 plus people on one big map it probably isn’t a stretch to put in a last person standing game type.
  • Deathloop looks like it could be fun with me thinking it was like Edge of Tomorrow combined with a Tarantino attitude. Might be cool!
  • Doom Eternal looks like it’s taking players a few levels higher than Hell judging by some of the levels shown during videos.
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood looks like it’ll still give players that over the top experience the last game provided but you can bring a friend.
  • I don’t understand what Ghostwire: Tokyo is about but it’s different and looks cool. Enough said!

The full presentation is below – you’ll have to jump to the 1 hour 43 minute mark (!) to reach the start.

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