E3 2019 Round Up – Ubisoft

The house that Rayman built opened their presentation with music from their past games which reminded me a little of a past Sony presentation which made use of an orchestra. It certainly made it feel more low key and professional… no Just Dance enthusiasts bouncing around here this time.

First reveal was for Watch Dogs Legion which judging from the trailer might just be the game that truly makes the franchise stand out from similar open world games. It takes the “us versus the system” ideas of the past games but has set it in an environment that takes it to a level that really looks like something special. Set in a London that’s on the wrong side of a police state you are part of a resistance movement trying to take it down. The remarkable feature of this game is that there is no one protagonist… you can be any member of the resistance or anyone that you recruit and the game adapts to your choice. If they pull this off it could be huge. We’ll find out March 6th 2020.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint returns again with another trailer with more of Jon Bernthal’s character who also appeared in front of the crowd to talk more about his role in the game. His character certainly presents as being a much more interesting and capable opponent than El Sueno from Wildlands and I’m looking forward to the challenge when the game finally arrives later this year. A beta is incoming September 5th.

I spoke too soon about Just Dance and before I knew it there’s a dancing Panda on the stage. Thankfully before I was too traumatised there was some good old hack and slash violence with For Honor content. Rainbow Six Quarantine was announced in a trailer that looks like it’ll bring back co-op and PvE to the franchise in a title that might be taking a few cues from the survival/horror genre. The Division is getting the movie treatment too and will come to Netflix starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ubisoft also announced their new UPlay+ service which turned out to be exactly what I was thinking they’d try to do. Not only is it a service much like Game Pass with 100+ games but they are including all the DLC in the bargain too. However the big caveat is that it’s only available on Google’s Stadia and PC… so in the end they are piggybacking off Google who already announced such features as part of their service and then slightly tweaked their existing UPlay service. A shame they aren’t coming to consoles too.

Was it a great show? At least for me it seemed like all the things I was interested in were at the beginning and they outshone all the other announcements. Watch Dogs Legion shows massive potential and really impressed me while Ghost Recon Breakpoint can’t come soon enough.

The full presentation is below:

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