E3 2019 Round Up – Square Enix

It’s been over 22 years since Square Enix released its genre defining RPG Final Fantasy VII but judging by the trailer shown at their E3 presentation it looks like the long awaited remake might be arriving soon. Potentially boasting two Blu-ray discs full of content Final Fantasy VII Remake could be one heck of a big game and one of the most impressive game remasters ever made. Certainly something for PlayStation owners to check out March 2020.

Other announcements I thought were interesting included:

  • Life is Strange 2 is out now and for those who played the free game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit there’s some connective tissue between them so for players not sure check that out first.
  • Switch RPG Octopath Traveller has moved to PC and is out now on Steam. And going in the other direction, The Last Remnant Remastered is out now for Switch. Dragon Quest XI is coming soon to the Switch too.
  • Circuit Superstars looks like a modern take on the top down racers of old. Thinking of things like Micro Machines, Super Sprint or Rally Speedway but with a lovely cel shaded look to it. Coming in 2020.
  • Outriders, a new co-op shooter from the developer of Bulletstorm looks like it could be pretty cool.

Another big reveal was the first trailer to Marvel’s Avengers – the latest game from Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics. It’s not based on any existing story lines or franchises but there’s plenty to see and recognise if you’re a long time fan. The game arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia 15th May 2020.

A lot of voice talent is being leveraged for Avengers (headlined by Nolan North and Troy Baker) and they were given time to discuss their roles during the presentation. The game itself supports co-op with up to four players and more heroes will be added to roster over time at no additional cost. PlayStation owners will get access to the beta early and some extra benefits that weren’t discussed… I’m really hoping we’re not going to have another Destiny situation here.

The Square Enix presentation was literally JRPG heaven with the publisher rolling out a huge number of announcements for both new titles and those coming to new platforms. Games like Dying Light 2 may have seemed out of place compared to other titles but the difference did help to make them stand out more among the flood of JRPGs.

The full presentation can be seen below:

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