Using Vorpx on your 3D TV

UDPATED – With the latest version of Vorpx (v20.1.0) there is now an option to select “Generic 3D display” that means the following information is not required. Just change to the new display option in your Vorpx General settings and 3D on your TV will work.

VR is great. Being able to play your older 2D games in VR via Vorpx is also awesome.

If you are like me though, sometimes you just want to crash on the couch and play your games without a VR headset. Vorpx is an amazing program that allows you to tweak a lot of settings for playing 1st person shooters in VR.

What I really love about Vorpx is the ability to play 2D games in 3D. I’m a 3D tragic. My first blog video will show you how to tweak your Vorpx profile settings to actually play your 2D PC games on your 3D TV.

I mention the Generic VR Headset option in my video. This is what you should be looking for.

Enjoy the video below, which will show you the important settings.

First go at a video blog. Enjoy.

You’ll note in this video the Vorpx injection watermark is hidden. In order to hide this for playing on your 3D TV go to C:ProgramDataAnimation LabsvorpX and open vorpX.ini with a text editor. In the [GUI] section set bShowWatermark to False.

Note : The C:ProgramData folder is hidden per default by Windows. If you can’t see it, enable ‘Show hidden files’ in the Explorer options.

These profile settings should also work on 3D Vision and other 3D TVs.

This video shows some gameplay so you can see the difference. Note the video isn’t that high quality compared to what you would get on a 4K display.

Game shown – Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010).
PC – i5 9th gen Intel @ 4Ghz, 16gb DDR 4 RAM, 1080 GTX 8Gb GPU, Xbox One Controller.
TVLG 2016 Ultra HD 3D TV (passive 3D)

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