No Man’s Sky Beyond arriving soon on August 14

Initially I wasn’t going to say too much more about the upcoming Beyond update to No Man’s Sky until it arrived (confirmed August 14 in video below) because I thought I’d need to see a lot of it for myself. However that all changed the moment I saw the launch trailer!

I might not be able to try it out in VR (at least not yet) but the updated Online mode would be worth diving into. I’m sure there’s more to the update than what Hello Games are letting us in on but the one thing that this new trailer sells me on is just how much more dense and detailed the game world seems it might be. Throw in what looks like players riding along on random creatures and there may be the occasional bout of interstellar hi-jinks for players too.

The launch trailer is below – it’s only a brief glimpse of the game but the developers are good now at showing the game at it’s best and most inspiring and it continues to deliver on those promises too.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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  1. Do you know if GOG and Steam users can play this together. I’m thinking of getting the Steam version while it is on sale. 🙂

    Wouldn’t mind giving it a go together.


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