Revisiting The Crew 2

Recently I upgraded my PC to something half decent (9th gen i5 intel and a 1080 gtx). I saw The Crew 2 was on sale on Steam, so I thought, why not?

I played The Crew 2 at launch on the Xbox One X, and while I enjoyed my time in the game it was riddled with launch bugs. This made my playtime not as good as it could have been. It also was missing PvP and other features at launch, which have since been added by the free content that has been released.

I can’t claim to fame on these amazing pictures. From The Crew 2 photo section.

Playing on a decent PC is definitely how this game should be played. Sure, I could run it at 4K like I did on the Xbox One X at 30fps, but playing at 60fps at 1440p resolution is just so much better. You get a much better sense of speed playing this way, without losing much in graphical fidelity.

Yes, this is the game engine.

I’m actually very impressed with this game, returning to it more than a year later. There are some things I’d still love to see, to make it a little more in line with the original though.

  1. Have an option to disable fast travel. There is such a well realised world in The Crew 2 but with all the fast travelling to events you miss most of it. I want to be able to ride / drive / fly / boat my way to the next event. I am doing this manually by setting waypoints, but turning fast travel off as an option would be amazing.
  2. Have more houses or garages throughout the world.
  3. If disabling fast travel is not an option, then enable it for places you’ve at least driven. I hate the fact I fast travel to hand a contract in, and then I can’t fast travel back to where my car / bike was last at.
  4. Add some more photo locations, or simply provide a photo of a location with a hint, and allow us to try and find it .

The Crew 2 is a very underrated game, and now over a year later it is definitely worth your time. Pick it up at the next sale on your platform of choice.

Maverick I am not, but at least I manage a landing. 🙂

PC version reviewed.

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