Revisiting The Division 2 with Warlords of New York

The recent Ubisoft sales on Xbox turned out well for me as not only did I finally crack open Ghost Recon Breakout but I also picked up the Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2. It’s been a while since I last played the game and it’s still early days with my time in the expansion but at least on face value I do like one of the major choices they made with it.

Returning to New York was one of the smartest moves the developers made in the expansion (even if the timing to current events isn’t ideal) as it was a location that I felt sold the game mechanics better than the sequel’s Washington DC. The Division was always at its best in claustrophobic environments and NY helped reinforce that with a lot of streets that forced players to push through tighter areas, relying heavily on any cover they could find. When you’re out in the open your movement and ability to stick to cover isn’t as effective and that’s where my perspective on Ghost Recon does “outdoors” good and Division does “indoors” good comes from and it I think it continues to stand here.

Warlords of New York feels a little like a greatest hits mix of the original game by giving you a smaller slice of the region with some well defined objectives in beating rogue agent Aaron Keener and his four lieutenants. There’s still opportunities to go off the beaten track and find collectibles but it seems limited and maybe not something you’d actively pursue unless you want to 100% the game. Most of your time playing the main missions will have you cover a majority of the map anyway. Impressions are the main story path may only take a few hours from my limited time so far but I could be proven wrong. There are some impressive areas to visit during this though you do start to see that the game telegraphs its large battles or boss fights whenever you arrive in open areas – this isn’t new to the games I’ll will add. And though these moments are a nice change to the regular fights I’m still not convinced it shows the game at its best either.

Apart from that I am looking forward to trying out the PvE mode The Summit and its 100 level skyscraper which sounds very Horde Mode like in its structure. Being able to play that with a group of friends could keep me coming back again so fingers crossed it’s as good as it sounds!

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is out now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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