More free games but too many platforms to choose from

With Sony continuing to give away games on their platform I thought I’d check it out and see how that worked. It’s been a few years since I dusted off my PlayStation 3 but I still have a PSN account so I signed in using the mobile app and seems like I can claim Ratchet and Clank just like current users which was a real surprise. I don’t have a valid PlayStation console to play it on (PS4 game) but it’s there now if I ever do. I suppose with all these different marketplaces offering free games from time to time (or always if you’re the Epic Games store) they are all trying to convert you into a regular buyer in the long term but when it comes to the PC I’m finding it hard to bring myself to installing all of the extra applications that come with it.

Right now my PC has Steam (of course), GOG Galaxy (for old games and more) and Windows Store (Game Pass… ’nuff said) and it’s frustrating to think even more of these need to be installed to support Epic, EA and Ubisoft who have their own apps too. I was hoping with EA Play joining up with Game Pass on PC that this might be simplified but you still need to install EA’s app which is frustrating. Seeing how GOG Galaxy’s integrations with other platforms lets you see ALL the games you own it’s a shame they can’t take it a step further and let you purchase from within the client as well. I know there’s a lot of technicalities that would make it difficult but all these apps you need on PC for buying, installing and running games isn’t really helping to make PC gaming easier or have it run those games well.

Do you have all the different store clients installed on your PC or have you made a choice to stick to one or two? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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