Sony and Bungie – Thoughts!

As reported by Windows Central and a shedload of other outlets, Sony made it’s own little moves with the planned acquisition of Bungie who were the creators of Halo before leaving Microsoft to go independent with Destiny. There’s been a lot of discussion on whether the 3.6 billion dollar price tag is justified for a company with only one IP but Bungie does have the potential to fill in a major gap that Sony have desperately tried to fill over the years with little long term success.

Ever since the first Xbox launched Sony had tried to come up with its own “Halo killer” for years with franchises such as Killzone and Resistance. Though they had their own success they never did succeed against Bungie’s games. Now that Sony will own the very developer they tried to “beat” maybe it’s the best shot they’ve ever had of making something that will attract fans in the future. Of course, that all depends on what the team is planning for in the future. While I may not be a big fan of Destiny at it’s core it is a great shooter and if they create exclusive titles beyond supporting their existing game (got to think it’ll happen despite what’s been said) it’ll be a nice little bonus for PlayStation. Since going independent, they’ve had a lot of ups and downs so this will hopefully bring them some much needed stability and gamers will ultimately benefit from it. If it keeps a big studio running and making games, it’s got to be a good thing.

So does this change anything for gamers on other platforms? Like the Activision Blizzard deal it’ll likely be years before we see any difference from how they do business apart from maybe a PlayStation logo on a load screen. And if that changes? Just like Starfield, Call of Duty, etc if you want the games you go where they are played… nothing much more to say!

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