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J. T. "Grocs"

Love writing, gaming, movies and reading fiction. Also like playing golf. Happily married and live in Queensland. My wife and I live with Chad (the dog), and Shadow (the cat), whom we are both slaves to.

Witcher 3 – Hearts of Stone Review

Over my holidays I managed to finally get a chance to play through the main story to Witcher 3’s first expansion, Hearts of Stone. CD Projekt RED really know how to make a worthwhile expansion and this new addition to Geralt’s story is fantastic. Honestly I didn’t think I could […]

Game Releases – December 2015

Can’t believe we are in December already. This year has certainly flown by. Some good games to wrap up 2015. Here are my top picks. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PC, Xbox One, PS4) This is surprisingly a good breath of fresh air. Unlike most multiplayer games where you are shooting your […]