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Greatest Games: TIE Fighter

Originally I was to post this a couple of weeks ago but then felt I couldn’t give the game its due unless Star Raiders, the granddaddy of the genre, was mentioned first. Hopefully that extra time was well spent! After the huge success of 1993’s X-Wing which finally […]

Greatest Games: Star Raiders

Atari has been associated with many popular video games over the decades however there is one that is spoken little of today whose influence in multiple genres shouldn’t be forgotten as it may be one of the most important games they ever produced. Star Raiders is a real-time 3D space combat simulator developed […]

Greatest Games: Robotron: 2084

If the modern twin stick shooter tried to look itself up on, odds are it will find that all paths lead to Robotron: 2084. Designed and developed by Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar after their previous success with Defender, the game was released by Williams in 1982 […]