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TLNS Games of The Year 2016

As per our previous blog post the votes have come in and I’ll break it down over three categories: My GOTY, Night Owl’s GOTY and GOTY as voted by the readers. Grocs’ Game for 2016: Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls 3 may not have surpassed the original Dark […]

Dark Souls 3 Review – The best yet

I am addicted again. For some reason every Dark Souls game has done this to me as did the original Demon’s Souls. Even thought I have just finished my first play through I still find myself going back to areas I’ve missed. All I can think about in Dark […]

April game releases 2016

Another month of spending far too much money on games. We’ve got some good ones in April. Here are my picks: Quantum Break The creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake have finally released their XB1 flagship title. This game is a very stylish take on what happens […]

Dark Souls 3 first impressions

I’ve played about 7 hours of Dark Souls 3 so far and I thought in light of the impending release I’d give some initial thoughts.  I’ve been playing on the XB1. The environments are excellent and there seems to be multiple paths to one objective at times. I even […]