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Neill Blomkamp confirmed for a new Alien Movie

After releasing a bunch of concept art images, Neill Blomkamp has been confirmed to direct a new Alien movie.

This has me truly excited as he is focusing on setting his story around the first two Alien movies.  He has been quoted to say that he is not completely discounting Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection but to be honest, I don’t think it would be so bad if he did.

Alien 3 wasn’t all bad and the director’s cut that came out a few years back on BluRay was actually quite good.  I’ve never been a fan of how the film ended though.  The worst travesty Alien 3 made though was to kill off two extremely well liked characters from Aliens in the opening credit sequence.  When I saw that for the first time I was furious.

Alien Resurrection was a train wreck, despite some good scenes in it.  I actually liked how it started and how the aliens actually first escaped their holding cells.  The underwater scene wasn’t too bad either.  Apart from that Alien Resurrection was an abomination, much like that ridiculous offspring hybrid at the end of the movie.

The newly announced movie has Sigourney Weaver’s backing and the actress has been confirmed to be attached to it.  I hope they can get Michael Biehn back to play Hicks again.  That would be stupendous.

Here are some of the awesome concept art to get you excited for the new film.

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    • The reviews for Chappie have certainly not done Blomkamp any favours but if the script is a good one (and it’ll need to be REALLY good considering it’s rebooting a franchise halfway through) he does seem to have the vision to make it happen.

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    • Yes – this is a fair point (haven’t seen Chappie yet). I actually thought District 9 was very good, Elysium was ok but not fantastic.

      I think if he accepts input from other scriptwriters it still could be a really good movie. Here’s hoping anyway.

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