Are the Thargoids coming soon to Elite Dangerous?

News travelled quickly today in Elite Dangerous circles after videos of Xbox player DP Sayre were posted online showing him being yanked out of hyperspace (something I’ve never seen happen) in the vicinity of the Maia system only to be at the mercy of an unknown alien vessel.

Frontier are certainly playing along with the intrigue, with the following tweet posted:

The design certainly indicates that the ship is tied to the alien artefacts that have been discovered over the last few months and many players are assuming that this is confirmation that the Thargoids are making a return to the series.

A video was posted on YouTube too with the clips combined (see below) which might make it easier to watch. Whatever is going on, it looks like we might be finding out soon…

UPDATE: Obsidian Ant posted up a video discussing the recent events and how it might play out in the galaxy… Some really interesting theories in there too. Check out the video below for all the details.

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