Xbox E3 2019 Predictions: How’d I go?

We’re on the other side of E3 and looking back at my pre-show predictions I thought it was worth following up with another post to see how I fared.

Xbox “Scarlett” might get a reveal like the Xbox One X did with the Project Scorpio announcement that revealed their intent with the product but not all the details.

What happened: “Project Scarlett” was announced with a video that was almost note for note with what was used for the Xbox One X minus Todd Howard and any closeups of the motherboard which was noticed by the Digital Foundry crew.

Was I right? I think most people thought this was how it would play out and that turned out well enough for the Xbox One X in the end. Can’t blame Microsoft wanting to stick to a game plan that works.

I wonder if the “xCloud” streaming service will be tied into Game Pass or the Gold Subscription? It’d fit for sure and present a lot of added value in the process.

What happened: Microsoft’s streaming solution will open to more testers later this year but there weren’t any details on pricing. It will also allow for a user’s own console be a streaming source instead of using Microsoft’s servers.

Was I right? No. Details are scarce and we might not find out how it fits into the future of Xbox until the end of the year at the earliest. Game Pass had its share of announcements but nothing to do with streaming.

LEGO yes, Fable no.

It’s been long discussed that a new Fable is coming from Playground Games but I wonder if that’ll be true. There’s now dedicated RPG studios at Microsoft with inXile and Obsidian and I still think Compulsion Games could do Fable based on We Happy Few. In other words there’s options!

What happened: The only Playground Games announced was for the LEGO expansion for Forza Horizon 4.

Was I right? To be determined! Compulsion Games had nothing on show at the presentation and there’s still no solid news on Playground and Fable. With Halo Infinite becoming a Project Scarlett launch title there’s a chance a few other big Xbox IPs will follow so we might have to wait a lot longer.

Their back catalogue is going to be leveraged with older IPs getting another chance. Microsoft may not have as large a stable of major (or successful) franchises as other platforms do but there’s plenty that fans would love to see again. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Project Gotham Racing, Perfect DarkMech Assault!

What happened: We got Battletoads and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Was I right? Can’t really say yes to this. Though the above titles are still games I’m looking forward, Microsoft aren’t really pushing hard and making the most of that big catalogue of IPs they’ve developed or bought over the years.

Halo Infinite takes the franchise into Destiny or The Division territory. With a name like that it seems natural to think the team at 343 Industries is looking towards making a game that can be played and expanded on for a long, long time.

What happened: Apart from a trailer showing some very shiny graphics not much more was revealed about the next big Halo game and we’ll have to wait until Project Scarlett launches before we see the final product.

Was I right? A big no. Microsoft and developer 343 Industries are keeping their cards close to their chest and we may not find out more until closer to the release date and advertising for the new console begins.

Halo Infinite still on the horizon.

Seems I won’t get a job predicting the path that Microsoft will follow! I’m still curious though what is going to happen on the Fable front. A lot more unannounced games might still be incoming for Scarlett and with Game Pass ramping up too the next Xbox may be aiming to have the biggest and best launch line up ever. We’ll see soon enough!

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