PlayStation 5 Finally Revealed

After plenty of talk and a whole lot of tech comparisons by every person in the world with an opinion Sony have finally let us see what their new console will look like as well as show a few of the games coming which I’ll refrain from discussing here. The interesting thing to note from the beginning is that there will be a discless version (no 4K Blu-Ray drive) sold alongside the standard one. With many rumours of Xbox having worked on a similar approach with a more cost reduced console it’s interesting that Sony got out first but they are in a strong position now to take that risk.

The case design is an odd one for me as it made me think (of all things) that this is what an Xbox might have evolved into if they stuck with the original 360 design. Like the Series X it’s got some mighty big vents for fans and it can lay on its side too but the console will likely be most efficient standing vertically as I’d imagine it’d aid in hot air being pushed out as well as less surface area sitting on a table, etc where more heat could be retained. Not everyone has space for either of these to sit upright next to their TVs so will be interesting to see how many take advantage of it.

Still no pricing as yet either but there’s been some suggestion of a PlayStation 3 “Get a second job” price point but it’s likely they’ll hold out for as long as possible before they’re committing to anything. It’s probably going to be a price war again with Xbox and they know they will take a loss but it’ll boil down to just how much of a loss. It’s only going to be a few more months before we see these on shelves so it won’t be long before we find out!

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