Now incoming… Cyberpunk 2077!!!

The biggest game of the year is about to land in Cyberpunk 2077 which is surely going to be a massive focal point of discussions over the coming weeks and well into 2021. However it seems in some circles of games media the attitude towards the game has been more like cancel culture with “journalist’s” finding things to take offense about, such as the company’s often discussed crunch period to get the game done, and using that as the sword to try and slay CD Projekt Red’s latest epic. Unfortunately for them most fans have chosen to simply ignore the rubbish and move on to more respectable news sources. Omar’s post over at Pete’s Corner had a few things to cover about the matter too and I have to agree – in that case a reviewer who had an axe to grind admitted not spending time on many of the periphery actions in the game… you know… the stuff makes up a lot of CRPGs.

With the game coming on multiple discs and a hefty day one patch to go with it, you should expect the game to be running close to the 100GB mark so keep that hard drive of choice spacious! I’m still waiting for mine as I took the plunge on a physical copy from Amazon as CDPR pack a lot into the physical release and it seemed worthwhile to have it in my collection as a result. If I have to wait that’s fine because it’s certainly not dampened my enthusiasm for the game. 🙂

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now for PC, Xbox (One/X/S) and PlayStation (4/5).

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