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No Man’s Sky incoming

After much hype, delays and rumours Hello Games’ galaxy sized epic No Man’s Sky is out now on PS4 and arriving on PC by the end of the week. Backed up with a day one patch that builds out the content substantially, it has the potential to keep […]

Sony @ E3 2015 – Impressions

Sony’s entrance into this year’s E3 was in a position of apparent strength; with sales continuing at a pace that will keep them as the market leader of this latest console generation. But from that point onwards, did they really deliver anything to solidify that position at E3? […]

E3 2015 predictions

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) only a day and a bit away from starting in Los Angeles, I thought I’d throw out a few last minutes predictions. With competition fierce there is bound to be plenty of quotable news to come out of this week. Already, there’s […]